Breakfast with love

My mother always told me to kick start the day with a good breakfast and the one I had this morning would certainly tick all the boxes. I had just settled myself on the terrace at Hauser’s  when a very friendly face peered around the wall at me. ‘Gute morgen’, ‘Bonjour’, ‘Bon giorno’. You get used to it quickly – all these languages being fired at you – testing the ground to see which one you will slip into. You can tell with some people, but it is quite usual to reel off a few multi-lingual greetings to show willing! Anyway, the beaming face is Ursula, the breakfast lady. I do believe she was chosen because even the gloomiest day looks cheerier with Ursula bustling about. The latte macchiato I had ordered arrived and took me quite by surprise, it resembled an Irish coffee. Ursula must have sensed my hesitation as she placed it firmly down in front of me and said ‘this was made with love’. Well, how can you resist that? So I took a sip and she was right, made with love and really good coffee, perfect balance!


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