Hot Stone Jazz Nights

Hot stone jazz nights – now there’s a thought. When I first heard it mentioned I thought it was the name of the band. I should have realised of course that it would be something a little more exotic and it was of course!

Live jazz is great at the best of times and I was particularly taken by the stories of the various, excellent, jazz musicians. My favourite would have to be the retired St Moritz mayor, Peter Barth, who obviously was born to play the piano. Having said that Mr Barth’s playing was only a prelude to what the hot stones were all about. As the raw meat buffet was laid out in the cosy Hauser’s Restaurant I counted some 12 different meats we could choose from to cook on our own hot stones.

By the time I had chosen thin marinated strips of crocodile, kangaroo, ostrich, moose and donkey and then helped myself to some exquisite sauces I was struggling to remember which little pile of meat was which… as a consequence I had to go back up once again and this time take 3 meats at a go so I could appreciate what the crocodile tasted like versus the Ibex.

It was a real expansion of the taste buds and the kids of course were enthralled – I am now left wondering what made up those 12 meats… was there snake? It was all washed down with plenty of full bodied Australian wine and then later with a Swiss digestif to keep the crocodile from kicking – what a night!!!!


One thought on “Hot Stone Jazz Nights

  1. Having travelled extensively, trying new foods is one of my favourite pass times!! As a consequence discovering the Hauser Hotel Hot Stone Jazz Night was a real treat. The array of meats and accompanying sauces was among the best I have consumed anywhere in the world. My advice to anyone visiting St Moritz is to hot date the Hauser Hotel. Don’t be put off by the thought of eating crocodile or kangaroo. The meat is lean, delicious and very digestible. Be brave – you will have no regrets! Fantastic night.

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