To infinity and beyond

If I had a choice of ways to travel to St Moritz it would most definitely be by car. Travelling along the left bank of Lago di Como is simply stunning. Then leaving the lake far behind and venturing into a landscape of increasingly soaring mountains is exhilarating to say the least. So by the time you reach St Moritz you feel you have travelled to the very roof of the world. In fact as it turns out it is just the first floor.

On checking in at Hauser’s St Moritz I am handed a credit card which is worth its weight in gold. The next day I set off with every mountain peak as my potential destination! This little card gives me free access to some 13 chairlifts, cable cars and funiculars. That’s not all, it also includes the mountain railways in upper Engadin as well as the normal trains and even the postbus.

The mountain guide I am handed with the card is like a portal into paradise – actually what it says too in the intro – ‘a new paradise every day’. I will no doubt have to stay longer than 2 days to pack it all in!

I start with the highest Piz Corvatsch  which is 3303 meters above sea level. The weather is crystal clear and I feel like yodeling with joy – that’s obviously why the art was born here!

If I thought that having done the highest the rest might be less exciting I was wrong of course! Muottas Muragl boasts one of the oldest funiculars in the area and still manages to reach peaks with stunning all around views.

I could go on and extol the virtue of every single one – you simply can’t tire, no two are the same or even similar, but is is time to head back to Hauser’s and enjoy a well earnt Caipirinha at the Roo Bar – all those summits have left me very thirsty!


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