Jazz Brunching at Hauser’s!

   Summer wouldn’t be the same up here in St Moritz if it were not for the well-known Hauser Jazz Brunch. It all started back in 1994 when it seemed like a cool idea to lounge over a late breakfast-cum-early-lunch and listen to some quality jazz. After all, the reasoning goes, why should jazz be relegated to late nights, let’s kick start our day with some good vibes. As it turned out the good vibes were rather excellent with legendary Doc Fingers being first of a long line-up of artists. So what started off as a bit of entertainment at an unusual hour has now become woven into the very fabric of Summer at Hauser’s. As a result, by 2008, the Hauser Jazzbrunch became part of the Festival da Jazz and the rest, as they say, is history. The atmosphere is amazing, relaxed yet electric. You can munch your way through a wide range of delicious local cheeses, before being lured by the seasonal fruits and berries, the rather scrumptious gipfelis and fragrant teas and the best coffee in town.  Can’t wait for it to start next Sundayand plan to be down early as the entire concert is free. I know from experience that it is well worth booking a table just in case!


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