The Dorfmarkt

I have been dying to get to my laptop and start telling you about the Dorfmarkt that took place on Saturday. For some time now I have been hearing about the various suppliers to Hauser’s. All of it is local, and I mean really local.  So it was a real treat to visit the Dorfmarkt which gathers all these local suppliers together. Sort of one big family gathering, each with a story of their own, each wading in heritage as it seems they have been working in harmony together, helping each other out and supporting each others’ trades since their great grandad’s shared school benches. That’s no exaggeration either. It was a cool Sunday morning but there was a warm buzz in the air and everyone was having a blast. Let me give you a brief tour here – I only wish I could let you smell the wonderful aromas and taste the delicious wares, but hey ho, you will just have to come and try it for yourselves this coming Saturday the 6th of August!

So we start with Hauser’s stand where they were selling their famous and oh-so-delicious-Nutcake and home made syrups.
Then, wafting in a rich aroma of roasted coffee is Glattfelder. Turns out he is Hauser’s closest neighbour and they have been working together for generations. He is their coffee supplier as well as the man behind some very special teas such as Olive Leaf extract and Edelweiss tea. It get’s better actually, and I guess this will have to become a blog in its own right, but here is a quick intro – their tea bags are organza, so as not to spoil the delicate flavours of the teas – I can never bring myself to throw them away!

Flower Supplier Blumengalerie is awash in beautiful blooms that make you want to buy the whole lot. No surprise that they are the ones who keep Hauser filled with fresh flowers all year round, and again have been doing so for generations! 

Meat Supplier Heuberger is the local butcher and this is where Hauser get their famous Kalbsbratwurst from – yes and been doing so for years and years – no one remembers for sure how far back!

And then fruit and veg come from Frey, like all the others, this is a family owned and run business which first started working with Hauser back in the fifties.

And the same applies to the wine suppliers Valentin – who promotes local producers – you know how you don’t seem to hear much about Swiss wines? well I certainly hadn’t until I came here – that’s because they are so good they rightly keep them all to themselves!!


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