Roll over Croissant, here comes the Gipfeli

There has always been a bit of a debate amongst the afficionado as to where the ‘croissant’ comes from – is it really French? Some say that the crescent shape actually comes from Turkey. I have never eaten a Turkish croissant so not sure of that one. I do know however that up until quite recently I used to rate the croissants from Normandie in France as the very best. Those to be found in the rest of France are generally fine, but the ones in Normandie are really buttery and finger-licking-good. The Italian’s equivalent is a ‘cornetto’ which is far too sweet for my liking. And then I clamped my teeth on a Gipfeli and decided I could skip Normandie next time and come straight up to St Moritz for breakfast. Apparently the Hauser Gipfeli pre-dates wooden skis – Markus Hauser’s great-great grandfather was the first to formulate a recipe that included lots of delicious Swiss butter and create a shape that is a little thinner and more delicate than the French version. They are still handmade today, using the same recipe which has the folk from Zurich coming straight off the train to order a warm batch-load to take down and munch by the lake!


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