Swinging Sunday morning with the Pasadena Roof Orchestra

I know I have already dedicated a blog to the Hauser Jazz Brunch, but I really want to share last Sunday with you because it was so special. For a start, when I woke to the sound of instruments being tuned, the weather was pitch perfect, bright blue skies and warm sunshine. Out over the lake tiny sail boats were bobbing back and forth and there were wafts of fresh pastries and coffee in the air. St Moritz claims to have about 300 days of sunshine a year, but like the rest of the world has been in the grips of unusual weather patterns and last week’s brunch had to be held indoors due to the torrential rain. So sitting out on the Hauser terrace felt particularly special. I was there early, even before all the food had been laid out and watched the Pasadena Roof Orchestra guys, dressed in casual clothes, fine tuning, drinking coffee and taking in the scene. Spot on 10 – like Swiss clockwork – they launched into their first number – there they were, resplendent in their tuxedos, and the music brought the terrace to life. ‘Puttin’on the Ritz’ had people gathering around the terrace walls and dancing on the pavement. It drew crowds of hikers on their way up the mountains and cyclists stopped and left their bikes to get a closer look. The buffet alone required no musical encouragement, it has to be said, and throngs of people were endlessly dipping into the pastry baskets, the bowls of fresh berries and the array of cold cuts, fish and cheeses. Turns out that ‘Swing’ is one music genre that has never really gone out of fashion and sitting there on that sunny Sunday morning I could really see why!


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