Art on the roof of the world – meet SAM

 Summer is winding down, you can see it in the changing light, in the reflections on the lake and the changing colours of the leaves – an even better indicator, for all those familiar with the Engadin, is that Summer is drawing to a close when SAM starts. SAM being the St Moritz Art Masters . Not such a bad way to end a season either. If you thought St Moritz was all about sport, think again. For years now St Moritz has attracted international artists and produced some rather fine local and regional talent too. I just have to get into the lift at Hauser’s to be confronted with a glorious pattern of vibrant colours that Steivan Konz spent three weeks painting in the lift shaft. 


He then moved to various other unexpected areas of the hotel and his distinctive style is evident on mirrors and menus alike. But I digress, the Art Masters, which starts on the 26th and last until the 4th of September, is a rather unique art experience. This is no conventional art exhibition, this is all about experiencing contemporary art on a number of different levels, from different platforms and in various unusual settings. They call it Walk of Art and it is all about exploring and making discoveries, from small hidden churches housing contemporary photographic displays to the lake itself serving as an ideal backdrop. Come and see for yourself – in my opinion art has rarely been this surprisingly presented.





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