Sailors before skiers

Is there ever a quiet season up here I am wondering. It seems to me that each week brings a new theme and with it a new buzz and a whole new energy. So just as the Art Masters draws to an end here we are gearing up for another set of engaging events…St Moritz Match Racing. Is there nothing that St Moritz won’t put its heart and soul into? It is all happening right now as I write this. The bright blue lake is a frenzy of activity but so too are we up here at Hauser’s. It is almost as busy as the lake right now. Hauser’s has supported the St Moritz Match Racing since its inception nine years ago. We started off with chocolates – sponsoring them that is – and now we are also hosting the camera teams which makes the hotel feel very much part of the ‘in crowd’. There is talk of little else over coffee and I am sure the Roo Bar will be humming later today. This is the ideal place to be to catch all the before and after racing talk, not to mention check out the rather awesome sailing talent, hoping Flavio Marazzi and Enrico de Maria will be up here sharing the days events over a cold beer later on…. will let you know!!


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