Sailing on top of the world

Here we have Enrico de Maria literally embracing the St Moritz Match Race – and frankly this picture says it all. The last few days have been filled with colourful sails snapping in the wind and all eyes on the lake. Meanwhile up at Hauser’s we have gone through an inordinate amount of gifpelis and bircher muesli these last few mornings, not to mention beers (a little later on in the day obviously!!) and – rather strangely – our famous acai ice cream. You can tell we have some serious athletes hanging about, focus seems to be on our healthy food which is being devoured. Amidst the many familiar faces – if you are into sailing that is…. we have seen Elodie Mettraux of Team CER, the only female competitor and Ian Williams who is – as I write – in the lead.  I am off down to the waterfront now, armed with my warmest fleece and a Hauser packed lunch…. a dopo!


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