Taking others’ advice

I have been catching up on my papers. With all the excitement of the Match Race behind us, St Moritz seems quite subdued! So I got rather excited reading Tim Neville’s article in the International Herald Tribune about the joy of cycling on the Swiss-made e-bike. In fact it inspired my next move. Part of the great pleasure of being here in St Moritz is reading what everyone else is saying about their experience of the place and putting it to the test. Thus it was Tyler Brule’s recommendation of the Hauser’s Fitness Teller – admittedly in a rather old copy of Monocle – which inspired my lunch before hiring one of the Hauser super-bikes! It was Tyler Brule again who refers to Hauser’s as the epitome of excellent, no-fuss Swiss style in his article in the FT. I think he has a rather large soft spot for the place – good for him – excellent taste! So back to my e-bike… Mr Neville was telling the truth, whilst all Swiss bike tracks are well signed, well groomed and invariably lead to some nice cosy chalet that serves something delicious, there is no denying that this is no Dutch flat-land. Set the bike on level high and it feels as though your thighs have miraculously been supercharged… it is all so effortless and suddenly the countryside is even more attractive as you can actually breath normally and look around. I felt like one of the super vampires out of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series full of boundless, super-human energy. After a while of cycling I was actually looking for hills to ride up – going down was just plain boring. Tim Neville says it’s cheating but I don’t care, it feels like magic and is one of the best ways of gadding about!!



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