Tanya the Posh Prada Pooch

When I first saw them walking out of the Hauser shop I thought it was a photo shoot. I looked around and found no one pointing a camera and few people paying them much attention – just a glancing smile perhaps. The reason for this is the regular occurance of such an event. Obviously the picture says it all, and believe me, this is only because I took the pic, I met the star herself, serenely walking off the Hauser terrace with the famous blue and white striped paper bag firmly clasped in her silky chocolate brown chops. Turns out that Tanya – for it is she – comes here on a near weekly basis with her owner, the man who runs the St Moritz Prada shop (I never found out his name or took his picture – sorry!!) Inside the bag is Tanya’s favourite treat, a small crusty brown roll, still warm and fragrant from the oven. Isn’t it so apt that even the dogs here in St Mortiz behave with genteel elegance. My gorgeous dogs would never be able to show such restraint. They would have ripped open the bag and eaten the contents before even leaving the terrace. In fact they may have eaten the bag too. But not Tanya – no – she carries her treat all the way back to the Prada shop and there waits for her owner to take out the little roll and place it in her bowl. A dog of exquiite taste, befitting of the brand!!


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