From size 11 to kids shoe size carbon footprint

Sustainability. Reducing your carbon footprint. We have swung from these sort of terms being a bit of a marketing gimmick to them becoming absolutely vital. As someone once said, because there is no ‘plan b’. Up here in St Moritz, 1800 metres above the sea, is an ideal place to look out from to realise the fragile beauty of the planet. Standing atop a mountain gives you a true sense of perspective, it helps you think more clearly about the actions we take and their impact. No doubt this struck Markus Hauser some time back because although the Hauser is snug as the Autumn chill rolls in, his is no longer a size 11 carbon footprint.

Markus told me the other day how the focus on creating a warm, cosy and stylish atmosphere for his guests had to be delivered in a whole new way. It has taken several years and quite a few Swiss Francs but he has achieved an almost zero-emission carbon footprint and continues to investigate new ways of re-using, reducing and recycling. Of course it is thanks to wonderful modern technology that they now easily and with very little energy heat, light and operate the entire 6 floors of the Hauser. Some might argue it was modern technology that got us in this environmental mess in the first place, but we needed to get here to understand what has to be undone and the journey has only just begun. Still it is lovely to look forward to the cold knowing we will be warm at little cost to the planet!


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