Pure, raw and golden

That’s how I would describe it. I was trying a new batch of honey at breakfast a few days ago, and whilst I love all kinds of honey this was something quite different, strong, fragrant and, well, hearty. I guess it may have something to do with the Alpine flowers the bees take their pollen from. It was by far the most delicious honey I have ever rolled my tongue over. So I had to go and find out where Hauser’s source this nectar.

One of Hauser’s best policies (I think) is the fact that they always aim to use local suppliers. So the next time Marinda Hauser (pictured here with the Honey guru!) went to stock up I tagged along for the ride.

It was a little like stepping into a fairy tale. Marinda drove us to a typical, picture-perfect little Swiss chalet at the foot of rolling green hills (that backed onto socking great mountains!) where I met this delightful lady called Frau Pernish. She does NOT have a website otherwise there would be a link here!! Having said that, had she have had a website I think it would have taken away some of the authenticity.

Frau Pernish has been a bee keeper and honey harvester since Noah was a small boy. She exudes honey. She uses absolutely every single by product the bees make, butter-yellow beeswax candles that make her whole house smell glorious, pollen and of course that pure gold honey which led me to her in the first place. Mrs P confirmed that one of the key reasons her bees produce a stronger flavoured honey is the fact that the flowers they harvest from need to be strong and hardy to grow up here in quite harsh conditions. As a consequence Alpine honey has this hearty and wholesome quality that makes some of their cousins seem plain insipid in comparison. Armed with a rose shaped beeswax candle and a couple of jars of honey, I am now off on my next discovery, probably another food related one, cooler weather always puts me in a gourmet mood!


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