Trip Advisor’s advice

I spotted a framed Trip Advisor certificate on the wall this morning – something I am sure was not there a few days ago. Turns out Hauser’s has been awarded a certificate of excellence by the world’s most influential hotel review website based on the number of positive comments made by their guests.

It got me thinking (once again!) about the power of the customer. Recommendations are one of the fastest evolving ways for businesses to grow. They have become very reliant on positive feedback, they can’t fake it, they have to deliver and continue delivering. Or is that really the case? There will always be those who are out to somehow beat the system – but, yet again, the very fact that communication has become such a transparent affair means they are being caught at their own game.

In fact I found there is an entire blog dedicated to watching Trip Advisor. It sort of feels as though everyone is watching everyone – very, very closely. Consumers do indeed hold the power and businesses are trying very hard to charm them into saying nice things about their service offering – they should spend all their efforts on improving and upping the bar rather than thinking of the 100 sneaky ways to gain positive feedback without actually earning it.

The fact that Hauser has now been ranked third hotel in St Moritz (which boasts some 32 hotels, so no mean feat) is all down to how the Hauser is run and managed – I know that for an absolute fact as I spend so much time there – so they totally deserve the accolade – would that the Daily Mail wrote a piece on Trip Advisor sending their certificate to a hotel who won it on merit!!


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