Dressing up the humble chestnut

I recently discovered a new little sweet nestling amongst the many mouth watering ones in the Hauser shop. Of course I make it my duty to test all the new ones out and obviously go back over the ones I particularly love to ensure they keep up to standard – it is all part of the job!!!

Anyway this new little ‘morselet’ is a seasonal delicacy – it’s called Mont Blanc because it shapes itself on that famous peak and it is an Autumn treat as its main ingredient is chestnut. Sitting on a delicate base of cream and meringue its structure is vermicelli pipped from a chestnut mousse which is quite magical. It is then capped with a small fluffy topping of cream and meringue.

As I was pondering the wonders of chestnuts, I was given a slice of Hauser’s traditional chestnut cake to sink my teeth into and Autumn became my favourite month!! 

All you need is butter, sugar, flour, vanilla cream, vanilla sugar and a little salt to make a base. I could try to get exact quantities for you but it was hard enough wrestling this info out of the Hauser’s otherwise lovely Chef Patissier. When I looked ready to cry at only getting half the recipe he relented and suggested mixing eggs and flour to minced marron glaces and a generous splash of kirsch liqueur – yum, that’s more like it. Then it is all about baking it and waiting patiently for it to cool.
Of course chestnuts are popping up in just about everything from simply roasted in large pans over open fires to flour for pasta, breads, biscuits and even liqueurs and beers.

Every year they are celebrated like long lost friends and so they should be – they are a healthy and versatile food which are fun and festive to play around with both for sweet and savoury dishes….. am just off back to have another slice of that cake, just to check ingredients as it were!


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