A chocolate tale

When my mother was a teenager she worked for some time in a chocolate factory. My kids love this story because she obviously had the job THEY want. Only she claims the very fact that she was allowed to eat as much chocolate as she liked turned her right off the stuff. She suffered chocolate overload. My kids still can’t believe it! So when Marinda Hauser invited the kids ‘behind the scenes’ to where the Hauser’s famed chocolate was being made they were slightly anxious that it just might turn them off the stuff – of course it didn’t!

They came back with tales of vats of rich dark chocolate being poured into moulds and suspicious dark stains on their fingers and cheeks! They felt they had stepped right into the wonderful world of Willy Wonka, but better. If Swiss chocolate has one of the best reputations, Hauser’s is the absolute nirvana. Some say it’s because the Swiss cows are happy and thus produce top notch milk which in turn goes into making creamy, rich chocolate, either way it is what Hausers do with their chocolates that we love.

Take the humble truffle, they have spicy pepperoncini truffles, liqueur truffles and pine cone truffles. They sit there dark and glistening or dusted with cocoa next to a myriad of dark chocolate shapes. I have never eaten an entire chocolate country until just now, but I have managed to nibble my way through Engadiner and am working up towards devouring Switzerland next. Of course the famous ibex too is portrayed in a chocolate format – they are hunting ibex now, far better to get a chocolate version I think!


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