Finger-licking nutcake

Honestly, it really is – truly delicious. Here I go again, back talking about food, it has to be the colder weather, but they keep rolling out all these delicious delicacies. The nutcake is another one of those recipes that has been handed down through generations. Dense and delicious it is perfect with a coffee after a brisk afternoon walk.

But forget the cake for a minute – I want to talk about its packaging. For years now Hauser have been producing the nutcake in two sizes, large to slice up and share and small (just for me!) They have been supplying these cakes to all sorts of corporate organisations in Zurich in particular and they always came wrapped in coloured paper. Winter was deep red with golden ribbon, Spring was yellow paper with blue ribbon and so on.

As the orders for ‘corporate’ nutcakes grew they decided it might be time to move to a more ‘sophisticated’ pack. After all these guys were in Swiss banks, they needed to look the part. This is the bit where my packaging design friends start chewing their knuckles – because rather than commission any outside, expert help, they decided on design, logo and colours in house. I think it is spot on, I would LOVE to get the packaging design fraternity to tell me what they think however. No research went into this, no consumer insight, just lots of passion and an imbedded knowledge of the product and their market! Come on, give us some feedback on this!!!


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