The only place to be come Winter!!

There is no place in the world I would rather be than right here in St Moritz when Winter starts bedding in. This place was designed with Winter magic in mind! All those beautiful chalets come to life, the hotels, bars and restaurants are warm, cosy and inviting and the scenery is spectacular. The air is so good it should be bottled and sold to Shanghai (where the air is terrible!)

Best of all, Winter up here does not mean grey skies and scudding clouds, this place boast some 330 days of sunshine, most of which seems concentrated in the Winter months.

This is the first time I have been here to watch one season blend into the next. And I have never looked forward to Winter like I am right now. I am even WRITING about it early!!

Summer here was lively and filled with lots of cycling, hiking and lake-related sports, Autumn was beautiful with more hiking and cycling but it now feels like we were just treading water – THIS is THE season we have all been waiting for. It kicks off – on 25 November with the City Race which is held in the town itself. Celebrities and guests compete in a parallel slalom to celebrate the opening of the ski season. I know Markus Hauser is already honing and waxing his skis in preparation – they say the two day event is filled with music and champagne – actually at Hauser’s it will mean lots of gluwein – but more on that in another blog – got my skis to dust down!!




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