Keeping it local

One could be forgiven for thinking that St Moritz might be a pretentious sort of place, after all it attracts a world-wide crowd of very classy people and is on the top of the luxury destinations list, yet it is one of the least snooty places I have ever had the pleasure of spending time in.

From St Tropez to Monte Carlo you have a wonderful choice of luxury spots all vying for a place in the limelight, yet there is a certain fakeness (new word!) that pervades.

Here up with the snow Gods it is anything but and that is largely due to the people of St Moritz who are the most down to earth and genuinely friendly people I have met. What I particularly love is how they all collaborate together to make the St Moritz experience such a good one. They all support each other – they are the epitome of keeping it local and why not, the products are superb.

I have talked about this in a previous blog but at the time I had not consciously (or otherwise!) tasted Swiss wines. Now I have and so I want to draw the world’s attention to how delicious they are. Whilst sipping a particularly dark and rich Pinot Noir which comes from the Family Leisch vineyard I wondered about Swiss vineyards, certainly up here they get all that famed sunshine, how come I had never drunk Swiss wine in any other country?

Unlike many other countries that all strive to export their wares, the Swiss keep lots of their good produce to themselves, they buy from each other, they share the tourists with each other and they work together to ensure everyone gets their fair share – I guess that too is another reason why St Moritz feels like a genuinely good, wholesome place to be – and now that I have discovered Swiss wines I can’t think of a single reason why I would want to leave!


2 thoughts on “Keeping it local

  1. Wish I could be there……this place is a dream… day I will go to Sankt Moritz….and now I have more than one reason……thanks to your blog…..keep writing..!!

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