Gluehwein – the spice of Winter

It is without doubt THE drink that represents Winter, snow, skiing and all great things up here on the mountain. At the risk of being a little predictable I would also suggest that the best place to have this wonderful Mulled wine is at the Hauser’s Roo Bar. To be fair, wherever you go in St Moritz you will be served a delicious version of Gluehwein – but each version is indeed a little different – and you try getting the definitive recipe off anyone – pah.

They all send you off seeking exotic spices and specific types of wine, you go home, you try it, and then you decide that you will have to go out, have another one just to benchmark your version!

I would love to hear recipes any of you guys feel are worthy of praise…. according to those in the know here at Hauser’s a lot is to do with the red wine they use which comes from Poschiavo from a family owned vineyard called Zanolari. They actually produce a red wine which is specifically aimed at being heated and spiced up. Of course that is not the only booze being used and the oranges and lemons we know about.

Spices include cinnamon and gloves with a pinch of nutmeg and lots of sugar – it just has to be done… and some ‘nelken’ which is a German word – I have just looked it up and it means carnations…. carnations? maybe that’s where I am going wrong.

You know what, it is far nicer to soak up the pre-ski atmosphere and drink one of the Hauser Roo Bar Gluehweins… I will keep my eye out for any floating ‘nelken’ petals this time too!!


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