No snow but that’s not stopping us – the City Race is ON!

It has taken over 20 trucks carrying 10 cubic meters at a time to prepare for this year’s St Moritz City Race. We might be lacking in the white stuff but we most certainly are not lacking in enthusiasm, energy or even ingenuity for that matter.  Just below St Moritz is a perfect snow-making spot where temperatures drop to minus 8 degrees (it’s a camping site but best not go there out of season for obvious reasons!).

All week the preparations have involved building the track and now covering it with our own Swiss-made snow.

The starting ramp is on the Parkhaus Quadrellas, the track then crosses the road and follows past the Crystal Hotel where Mercedes has installed a special lounge for the occasion. So first it looks like this…..

…and now like this…

What you are looking at above is the second half of the track which takes a 90 degree bend at Hanselmann’s pastry shop and finishes just beyond.

When this is all over they will gather the precious snow back up and re-use it to build the bob run, aka the biggest ice sculpture in the world! Phew – Winter certainly is the busy season!

You might be wondering where all the people are – so take a look at this…

this is the Roo Bar – remember I was telling you how popular it is – well catch this!! And here we have the Hauser City Race Team all geared up to go…


3 thoughts on “No snow but that’s not stopping us – the City Race is ON!

  1. What a fantastic performance! The Hausers have proved, yet again, that with the help of others, nothing in St Moritz is impossible. When virtually the whole of Europe is having one of it’s warmest Novembers for 20+ years, you still manage to maintain one of the very special events that makes St Moritz a true Winter Wonderland. It’s one of the things I just love about the place. If it wasn’t for other commitments, I would be there like a shot with all those others at the Roo Bar. I wish you the very best for the City Race and look forward to catching up with you all for a gluhwein or three over the skiing season.

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