Building an estate of gingerbread houses

There is nothing quite like getting stuck into gingerbread house making to reel in that Christmas-is-just-around-the-corner feeling. Down in the kitchens the smells are even more tantalising than usual as hundreds of ginger biscuits bake away and there is no lack of eager hands to decorate the houses either. This is when Christmas creativity is unleashed! First the Hauser team were flat out with our own decorations ….

and then we moved on to the small but beautifully formed and o-so-delicious gingerbread constructions…

There then follows the obligatory tasting of roofs, walls and doors – no point having a pretty edifice if it tastes rubbish, and now the decorators have moved in so check this out …

It might be labour-intensive but it is one of the jolliest activities of the year – especially when the end result looks this good…


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