Stars in the making

It is all getting very twinkly now as we count down to Christmas!

The snow has arrived as you can see, the Christmas trees now look perfect with their pristine white back drop and skiers are happily tumbling into the Roo Bar for their well-earned Gluhwein.

Meanwhile in the kitchens the very popular Swiss traditional Cinnamon Star is being made. To the Swiss this tasty little glazed star is Christmas personified and having just crunched on one I can attest to its delicious Christmas qualities!

The Chef, Piero, has very kindly given me the recipe so for anyone out there wishing to have a go at a little Swiss Christmas tradition, here is the secret.

You will need 3 egg whites, 250g icing sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar, 25g cinnamon powder, 275g finely ground almonds….

Beat the egg whites until very stiff. Slowly add and stir in the sieved cinnamon, sugar and ground almonds, keeping 2 tablespoons of stiff egg white aside for the icing. You should be left with a thick moist dough which may need some more ground almond if too moist.

Roll out the dough to 1/2 cm thickness, then cut out the stars and place them on a bake-paper of the baking tray. With the reserved egg white, which may need a few drops of water, paint the surface of the star.

Bake in warm oven circa 200° for 5 to 10 minutes, be sure the biscuit remains soft.

Meanwhile, the nutcakes are clad in their Christmas wrapping and flying off the shelves.

This really is the time of the year when St Moritz comes into its own. If Santa really wants to be based at the hub of festive activities he is going to have to move his sleigh and reindeer from Lapland – this is where it is all happening!


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