Early bird skiing on Boxing Day

The very first mountain train takes off at 7.45am – the sun hasn’t even made an appearance and all around is plunged in a beautiful pre-dawn mauve. In fact it isn’t until half way up the mountain that suddenly the sun slips over the mountains and baths everything in gold. We watched this through the plexiglass protection of our little carriage before then tumbling out at 8am onto a perfectly groomed slope. We were the only ones there – pure perfection!

This would kick start any day into bliss but as it was Boxing Day it felt all the more special. We had the place to ourselves, if you listened closely you could just hear the mountain sighing and the gentle creaking of the snow – way out under a small dove grey cloud we could see our highest mountain peak, Piz Bernina, which stands 4049 m above sea level.

Launching out into the early morning light made us all whoop with pleasure!


3 thoughts on “Early bird skiing on Boxing Day

  1. This is just great! It is snowing at the moment. Looking forward to more of such wonderful moments in the year 2012. All the best wishes from the Hauser family to the Wood family in Crasciana. When are you joining us on the slopes? Cheers M+M and family

    • We have no snow here at all!! We would love to come and see you – when is a good time – maybe early February? Meanwhile all the very best wishes for a fantastic 2012 to all the Hausers!!! love j9 and familyxxx

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