Schoggishop sponsors promising skier

You may think skiing is top of mind up here in the ‘Gods’, but actually it goes hand in hand with chocolate. Silky smooth chocolate is a global Swiss export, even if it only reached the country in 1819, they have refined the chocolate-making art to such a degree you could be forgiven for thinking they were the first to put it on the map.

I think it is particularly fitting that the promising young Swiss ski racer Hauser’s Schoggishop are sponsoring has the surname of Sette – that’s silk in Italian and perfectly depicts the delicious chocolates at Schoggishop. Twenty year old Daniele does a great job promoting the delicious chocolate shop which is the online extension of the Hauser Confectionery. So what Hauser’s Chef Piero produces is now available worldwide – here he is making some of his truly magical chocs….note that bottle in his hand…..

According to Piero making these gem-like chocolates is the thing he enjoys most ….

Little wonder then that the Swiss eat on average 21 pounds of chocolate per person, per year – once you have tasted it you can see why – nice to know when I travel I can still get my fix sent directly to me!


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