Little perks that matter most

I was recently reading an interesting article about hotel perks that hit the spot. It is always good to see what new perks are cropping up and who is doing what. Perks offer an interesting insight into how hotels view their customers – it goes way beyond offering a little extra something to lure guests. Perks demonstrate a generosity of spirit, a valuing of customers as well as ingenuity and creativity. I recently stayed at a four star hotel in the UK where I was told there would be an extra cost when I asked for a peppermint tea bag instead of the usual black tea at breakfast.

Hotel perks mirror the management ethos, a mean spirited move such as the tea bag story certainly ends up costing the hotel a lot more than the measly cost of a tea bag!  When Hauser’s first heard of the Swiss-made e-Bike  they bought a pair and invited their guests to try them out.  I was one of those that had a go and was so taken with the experience I blogged about it.

The idea was to share a pleasurable experience, not find yet another way to wrangle money out of guests.  Markus Hauser is one of a rare breed who will happily make suggestions to his guests as to where to go and what to see around St Moritz and often as not will then drive them to the destination himself. This sort of attitude represents priceless perks – it is all about heart and passion and wanting guests to have a genuinely good experience.  To be effective it needs to be authentic and spontaneous – those are the perks that get guests coming back and sharing the positive story – irreplaceable!


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