I will never insist on 4 star hotels again

…. these are the exact words some of my fellow guests recently wrote in a TripAdvisor review – having always aimed for top quality hotels they were blown away by what the Hauser’s offer! I just recently wrote a blog on perks hotels offer and how these need to be spontaneous and genuine, so was delighted to read that what made a real difference to this TripAdvisor couple was the fact that Markus took time out to drive them to a party on New Year’s eve so the lady guest’s heels wouldn’t get ruined in the snow…. that and the fact that they felt they were staying with really good friends highlights my point that hotels need to look beyond mere ‘perks’ if they want to create standout.

Still on this topic, not all major corporations can have a Markus and Marinda at the helm to be on hand to look after each and every guest. That is not to say that those who interface with the public on a daily basis can’t show some heart. RAK is an excellent example of how corporations, big and small have taken to the idea of offering surprise acts of kindness, for no return, they expect nothing back, just to bring a smile on your face. The payback of course is that the story of what they have done gets shared and passed around like wild fire – take KLM’s story as one great example!

All that to say that keeping your customers’ at the very centre of everything you do makes everyone feel good – the rewards are authentic because everyone enjoys the experience!


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