Tesla at The Roo Bar

There is no need to hump your skis onto your shoulder and stagger up the slope anymore…. I have been muttering about hiring a Sherpa for ages now – especially at the end of a hard day of skiing, often the last thing I feel like doing is lugging my skis back to the resort!  You can hold the Sherpa however, I fell in love with these tidy little Tesla’s the moment I clapped eyes on them – it was the way it looked SO good with my skis strapped to the back that did it.

Jonathan Fiol on the other hand – forerunner in last year’s famous Hahnenkamm worldcup downhill – is a man used to serious speed – so the Tesla’s cool 0 to 100 in under 4 seconds had him ditching his otherwise beloved skis for one test drive after the other! You simply couldn’t wrestle him out of the car once he was in!

As for me I loved the sleek and elegant lines, the sheer comfort, the fact that it is as green as you can get and – well OK – the colours…. I mean how could you resist!


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