Fan Clubs, Iced Champagne and Unicef

The hotel has seen a flurry of sporting personalities lately with the Czech and the Spanish women’s teams staying at the Hauser for the Women’s World Cup Downhill event. Managed to get a lovely shot of Czech Klara Krisova as she cam back to chill – 

All these lovely young ladies milling about made an obvious impression with impromptu gaggles of fans springing up all over the place – such as young Swiss skier, Wendy Holdener’s very keen fan club!

The extreme cold has not managed to dent any enthusiasm either – although it did mean you had to guzzle your champagne down fast lest it froze in the glass and cigar smoking seemed like a good excuse to keep warm!

The Hauser pastry, cake and coffee stand was particularly popular during the White Turf event, in fact we have never sold as many hot chocolates as this season!

Amidst all this festivity, fabulous events and champagne popsicles there is a real sense too of giving back….this time it is Unicef’s Eliminate which takes centre stage…


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