The romance of train trips

As far as I am concerned there is no better way to travel than by train. Believe me I have travelled all over the world on trains – from London to Hong Kong (a journey that lasted weeks rather than hours) to the Bullet train in Japan. I love falling asleep in a train bunk and waking to whole new sceneries, languages, architecture and cultures – only a magic carpet could surpass good, old-fashioned, long-distance train travel.

Catching the Gourmino train in St Moritz and heading off to Zurich may not have been one of the longest train trips I have ever done but it ranks as one of the most beautiful scenery-wise and the train was one of the most elegant I have travelled on!

Reminiscent of the Orient Express yet with its own poised and sophisticated personality. The service was impeccable and the food scrumptious.

There is definitely something about sitting at a crisp white table cloth-clad table eating Dover sole whilst watching soaring views flash by.

Unbeatable for leaving all your woes and worries behind and giving you invaluable head space!


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