Brainstorming in Zurich

I had breakfast with Marinda and Markus this morning in Zurich. We had all agreed to meet in this beautiful city to give ourselves a fresh perspective on developing Hauser St Moritz further. As with any brand, it pays to take time out and take stock every now and again to check we have not veered off course. The Winter has been hectic and filled chocker with one exciting event after the next which has left us in need of drawing breath before we plan for Spring and Summer!

We had pondered last night about trying out a new concept restaurant for our brainstorming venue. Blindekuh (The Blind Cow) is something quite special and different. Food is served to you by blind waiters in a darkened room. It is all about trying a new food experience, or should I say experiencing food in a new context. In the end however we opted for a traditional Swiss restaurant so I could see my notes, never mind the food – still I have to say Blindekuh did grab my attention and I would love to try it out sometime!

So over breakfast, after we had fine tuned events – and believe me the line up is impressive – Markus made a hasty retreat back to the Bahnhof to start his 3 hour journey by train back up to St Moritz. Whilst I was pondering his comments that there may be a couple of delays due to avalanche warnings I joked that he was in a hurry to get cracking with the ideas we had been discussing…. he gave me his cheery smile and confessed that actually as soon as he got back he was donning his cross country skis and off for a trek.

My raised eyebrows got him explaining that we are exactly 10 days away from the Engadine Cross Country Ski Marathon which he is obviously taking part in. He and some 13.000 people of all ages and nationalities!

How fantastic, I thought as I made quick notes, we hadn’t even talked about THAT – oh yes – a mere 42 kms across the peaks – nothing too noteworthy! So that’s the 11th of March for anyone out there who feels fit enough to join in!

As Markus headed back up the mountain I caught a train down to Milano – with equally stunning views…


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