The pillow menu

It is a little known fact that you can tell an individual (well his or her nationality at any rate!) by the pillow they prefer. I found out today that the Italians favour slim flat pillows whilst the Germans prefer big fluffy affairs!

Pillows aren’t something you would automatically think might warrant having either a blog written about them or a menu for that matter but here at Hauser there is indeed a Pillow Menu that guests can peruse. And when you read the menu you want to try each and everyone out – well I certainly did!

So let’s start with the obvious allergy-free pillow which the Americans tend to order. The Tempura pillow on the other hand is designed specifically for those needing head and neck support. We have a range of thicknesses to suit all tastes and we have millet-filled pillows which combine comfort, temperature control and the promise no small bugs will make your pillow their home!

My favourite however has to be the Arven pillow – filled with Swiss stone pine shavings that  have therapeutic and soporific qualities the likes of which make you want to keep your head on the pillow! There is a crunchy quality to the pillow which may take a little getting used to, however you can burrow your head to ensure your neck is well supported and the pine scent is fantastic. This apparently is the pillow for anyone who snores and you can also ask for a duvet to match with a mix of goose down and Arven shavings. Like resting in a forest of soft dreamy pines!


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