The Engadine Cross Country Ski Marathon

… that’s what is taking place this Sunday – 11 March.

At precisely 1820 meters above sea level some 12.000 people of mixed nationalities and born before 1995 will gather for the 44th Engadine Ski Marathon. They will cross 42.2 kms of gently undulating, breathtaking scenery which includes crossing frozen lakes.

According to veteran ski marathoner, Markus Hauser, this event reunites so many people year after year, it is like one huge gathering of like-minded people all loving the freedom of cross country skiing and the soaring landscape. Many people travel in big groups to come to the event (I believe there will be something like 50 Finnish guests staying at the Hauser) and the social buzz as everyone catches up with each others’ news is reminiscent of a bee hive!

During the marathon 500 volunteers will be lining the track to hand out refreshments along the way – and the figures are rather mind numbing….one ski marathon alone consumes:

3800 litres of Rivella

9‘600 litres RIVELLA Marathon

3‘000 litres Tea

12‘000 special rice cakes

4‘500 litres Bouillon

7‘000 Bananas

210 kg CHAMPION PowerPacks

Also, organisers have to manage:

Transporting over 12,000 persons to Maloja

Transporting over 11,000 items of baggage from the starting line to the finishing line

Transporting over 12,000 persons back from the finishing line in Zuoz/S-chanf

Setting up medical, waxing, repair and refreshment posts

Dealing with over 150 media representatives (from radio, TV, press, film and photo agencies)

Ensuring the efficient flow of traffic

So all in all the management itself is quite a marathon in its own right!


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