Swapping skis for wheels

There is something about the landscape here that makes you want to go out and devour it, frollick in it, soar to the highest peaks and explore the deepest pine forest – it draws you out day after day, relentlessly. Scratching that itch is all about finding new ways of getting out into some of the most beautiful countryside on the planet.

We are still enjoying good snow up here but there are definite signs of Spring and I can already see new plans are afoot. Well in fact it has more to do with wheels. Bicycle wheels. Hauser is laying down the foundations to become a ‘Bicycle Hotel’.

Last year I discovered the pleasure of the Swiss electric bike now Hauser are extending their offer to all bikes and getting serious about checking out cycling routes, cycling tours, cycling hot spots. There is a bike maintenance room available, ample secure bike storage, technical assistance and a range of helpful accessories on hand from drinking bottles to Hauser packed lunches, maps and guides all the way to an in-room massage which you can pre-book and look forward to as you grind up an arduous patch!

Certainly swapping the electric bike for the traditional one has made me realise how much fitter I could be – yet the lure of  pedaling my way across the mountains is strong. There are tracks for all level of fitness and no shortage of stunning scenery. I have cycled along glossy grass tracks with cows jangling their beautiful cow bells right next to me. I have crossed over small wooden bridges that ford sparkling, icy streams and I have cycled deep into pine forests. Wherever you go here there is a sense of space and safety.

Armed with my Hauser guide for best places to stop for speciality food and wine tastings, I also have my special packed lunch they made for me – so whatever happens out here I won’t starve!


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