Coming over all Argentinian


I hadn’t realised until recently that Noche del Gaucho has been a Swiss tradition for sometime now. There was me thinking the Hauser’s had gone all Argentinian on a whim – but no – its been an annual event and builds in popularity year on year.

They really get into the swing of it too – going the whole hog as it were. OK well the whole cow then as the focus is on the lip-smacking Argentinian beef which is served on the hot stones. There is that and the blood-stirring Argentinian music by Carma Tango being played live.

The entire Gaucho event takes place over the last weekend in March – kicking off on Friday 30th and then picking back up again on the Saturday at the Roo Bar Terrace from 4pm onwards. That’s where you will get served¬†Gaucho-Burgers, Chorizos and Quilmes.

According to those who have attended in previous years if it weren’t for the occasional late-season skier walking by you could swear you had been transported to Buenos Aires.


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