Do you ever get that desire to leave it all behind, head off for the hills – in this case mountains – and just listen to the snow creaking? Well that is precisely what we did a couple of days ago. A mere 20 minutes from Hausers, having caught the early morning gondola up to Piz Nair and you are in your own breath-taking paradise.

The air up here feels so pure you could suck it in all day – the day is still and the peace up here indescribable! Having all this space to ourselves feels like a gift.

There is some hard work involved before we can enjoy the descent – but the views keep us entertained as our thigh muscles yell.

This is the view from the Suvretta valley looking out towards Pontresina in the south east.

… and spectacular Piz Julier – a peak we look up to from the town, nearly at our finger tips!

and finally peering down the 500m drop and 800 m length of the best powder we have experienced…


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