Easter at high altitude

As we sat chomping through our gipfelis this morning we resolved that today would be a perfect day to enjoy some light Spring skiing – nothing too arduous, followed by a sumptuous lunch up on the slopes. The cable cars that plucked us out of town allowed us views that made us realise the skiing season is almost over – but not quite yet!

Not too crowded, good visibility and not cold – we hit Corviglia, which is near on 2500 metres above sea level, and launched off across the slopes racing each other.  Within a couple of hours we had worked up a healthy appetite so unclipped skis and snowboards and went to what has to be the poshest and highest ski resort eateries on the planet – Mathis.

Whilst it felt strange to clomp across the exquisitely appointed dinning room in your ungainly ski boots and swishing ski pants to the sound of an elegant pianist playing, everyone else was doing it….

We sat there sipping champagne overlooking the ski slopes, taking in the views and agreed this was as stylish as you can get – delicious dish followed delicious dish – 

You could sit up there and quite forget that you had come up for a skiing session – its not until you get up that the clatter of your footsteps remind you that you had better gather your skis on the way out!

As you stand there, surrounded by marmottes, waiting for your ski jacket to be delivered back to you there is an entertaining mural to enjoy which is made from the authentic tins of Beluga caviar the restaurant used and turned into a tapestry with a few quirky additions such as the image of the swimming fish ….


One thought on “Easter at high altitude

  1. I have the good fortune to be back in St Moritz again with the family, albeit for a short visit and at the end of the skiing season. I was most surprised to see the Roo Bar at the Hauser Hotel so full of people enjoying the spring sun and the crisp cold afternoons. There is something simply magical about this place! Despite the spring weather, the snow on the upper slopes is providing excellent skiing, and hardly a soul on some of the runs. I agree that the Mathis Restaurant at Corviglia is a superb place to stop for lunch. Expensive, but value for money, and Barbara and her husband are wonderful hosts. We’re enjoying a few days R&R before it’s back to the grindstone of the commercial world.

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