Spring trekking and pine biscuits

There are all sorts of walks for all levels of exertion to be had here and regardless of whether you choose the mega-strenuous route or the gently rambling one, the views never disappoint, you get a sense of freedom and release just taking in those soaring mountains and deep blue lakes.


Wherever you turn it is Heidi-land perfection. Whilst we have tried out some of the stunning walks that start after a gondola ride, we opted to start from ‘base camp’ this time for a ‘quick walk’ behind the hotel. It took us a couple of hours of gentle meandering, up through pine forests – passing Sir Norman Fosters’ distinctive pad on the way –

and out onto the slopes which still have the occasional Spring-skier so you need to look up the mountain before crossing (I was about to say look both ways but obviously not!)

The hills are studded with white crocuses and the occasional pretty chalet. We walked passed the Heineken home (with appropriately co-ordinated shutters themed to the brand… which came first I now wonder, the shutters or the packaging?)

and on past what could have been Heidi’s chalet…

she obviously hasn’t used her bicycle for sometime..

and if for some reason you start tiring of the views – pretty unlikely but still – there are little stories to keep you entertained as you go…

The smell of pine is heady and one of the best parts of the trek is breaking out the snacks Hauser’s had prepared for us – themed for the occasion of course we had little packs of scrumptious Arven biscuits and a slice each of mouth-watering Arven cake. Arven means pine nuts, and these are quite literally the nuts from these majestic pines that surrounds us – nothing more perfect than sinking your teeth into buttery pine nut biscuits whilst leaning against a huge pine tree inhaling its scent!


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