Going with the flow-trail

Now that the weather is warming up I am seriously getting back into my theme of enjoying the mountains from the saddle of a bike rather than strapped to two planks of high performance material! It is a whole new experience, less of an adrenaline kick, more of a kick back and enjoy the warm Spring days.

It is rather cool to explore the terrain we once pelted over on our skis, from the comfortable seat of a bike. The perspective is all new, black runs and moguls become lush green slopes studded with mountain flowers and the crunchy snow covered landscape is soft and welcoming.  That is until you start exploring the more lunar-like landscape of the higher summits.

Every trail is well marked and documented, and each one seems more tempting (and challenging)! We recently cycled a trail which started at Celerina railway station, taking a scented forest path which offered no challenge to our thighs even though it took us up the first 400 vertical metres to the Alp Paret. Then things became more serious – shifting our gears to the lowest notch as we ground our way passed Gluna Hut and Lej Alv lake to the Corviglia top station.

According to our guide we only had another 200 vertical metres to go to reach the highest point – nothing too knackering then…. By now we are pedaling on a steep gravel track, but the trail around the Piz Nair to the Suvretta Pass is nothing short of breathtaking.

Having stopped to munch through the rather scrumptious Hauser packed lunch we had been lugging up the mountain, we then have the glorious sounding flow trail to look forward to. This winds its way down through the fabulous high-mountain basin of the Val Suvretta for almost six kilometres.  When we reach Val Bever the terrain shifts from rough ruts to well-prepared gravel trail.

By the time we head back via Samedan to Corviglia we are shot but exhilarated. We have covered close to 40 kms of stupendous scenery, with only the occasional cow for company – frankly we feel ready for the Tour de France now – only it would feel too crowded!


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