Othella Dallas – Jazz in the blood


Jazz runs through the blood of St Moritz as those who follow my blogs will know. I used to think it was a wonderful Summer event designed to wile away the time whilst waiting for the snow to arrive and the ‘playgrounds’ to open, but The Kulm had a fantastic line up throughout the Winter and I spent many a wonderful evening in their Miles Davis lounge, sipping good Swiss wine listening to Othella Dallas crooning away.

The lounge is intimate, if slightly oddly shaped and she was perched, bird-like on the little stage with her band – just at arms length from where I sat. I just love the way they get so into the groove they pull you along with them. She would look up from time to time with a secret little smile and tell us tales of when she was younger and she would go down to the beach in Miami, the beach that was reserved for the ‘black people’, and mingle with jazz icons such as Sammy Davis Jr. It seems like a million worlds away from St Moritz, a different time and place entirely.

We sat there singing away with her, being asked to join in louder and just marvel at this wonderful 87 year old woman whose voice still brought shivers down our spines!


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