Springing into action

A couple of weeks ago I was quite happy to shed my skis for a pair of wheels and take in the mountainside from the saddle of my bike…. now I am about to explore the pleasures of Swiss golfing. But first a quick glance up some of our tallest mountains here, there is still plenty of snow and up until recently you could STILL ski up at Diavolezza, Europe’s longest glacier run. Now you have to content yourself with hiking to explore it but it is well worth the extra clothes you need to put on.

Taking the gondola is up there with taking a cross-Atlantic flight – well sort of – one minute you are standing, ankle-high in lush green grass and mountain flowers and the next you are back to crunching through snow and ice. It takes a certain sort of courage to ski on glaciers and it is best to take a guide to make the most of the whole experience.

So back down to the golf courses which take in all the beauty of the mountains as they nestle in the valley. St Moritz does golfing as elegantly as it does everything else. The year-round sunshine, the incredible light and the emerald courses all combine to make you feel you are playing golf up in Heaven – and that can be hard to achieve if you play golf like I do, yet somehow, even though I did have to continually replace the divets from all my failed attempts at chipping to the green, I still loved the whole experience!


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