Run up to 2017 World Ski Championships bid

In a few days time – 31 May to be precise – we will find out who is going to host the 2017 World Ski Championships. South Korea is where the final presentations and decision take place, so all those involved are in a froth of excitement and anticipation. Apparently the St Moritz stand has some real surprises in store so the showdown itself promises to be entertaining!

I for one am delighted to see that youth plays a central part in the St Moritz bid. Today’s children will be taking part in the 2017 championships and so they have already taken part in preparing for the candidacy, visualising 2017 through their eyes has been a very exciting exercise.

Certainly, if St Moritz does win there will be plenty of heritage to guide today’s youth as this would be the fifth time St Moritz hosts the World Championships. The first one was 1934, then 1948, 1974 and 2003. At this rate they could do an excellent montage of past and future championships, certainly expertise is not something they are lacking!!

So let’s keep everything crossed for next Thursday – meanwhile, the image above has not been photoshopped, these are Spring flowers to be seen near the Kulm Golf course – an improbable blue I know, they reflect the sky!


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