The Tracht Tradition

St Moritz may well be one of the top, most elegant and sophisticated resorts in the world but it never forgets its roots. So amongst all that is contemporary, state of art, cutting edge glamour it is lovely to spend a day stepping back in time.

6 June is the Swiss Tracht day and to celebrate, Hauser’s had an Engadiner folk group, dressed in the traditional outfits give a dance performance. They put on a colourful, vibrant show, fusing traditional dances with some self-choreographed pieces.

Tracht actually means traditional costume and this is not exclusive to our area but stems from Germany and Austria where the farmers in particular donned their Country Estate Style – known as Landhausmode  – on special occasions. No different from these days really where a Gucci tag says lots about the state of your bank account, the richer the embroidery, the more detail and colour, the wealthier the wearer.

The Engadine Tracht is one of the most colourful and admired in Switzerland. It is made of pure Swiss made wool, perfect for Winter activities such as the schlitteda ( horse and old  sleigh event).  The style actually comes from the French Rococo period in the 1750s,  and was probably brought back by the noble women and officers returning home. The needle work is exquisite and all the lace is hand made. The silk scarves,  bodice and aprons are all coordinated – it is a visual feast and a blast from the past that unites what St Moritz has become and where it has come from!


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