Digitally enhanced request

We are moving into the digital age and very excited about it too! By now, hopefully you have already pulled out your smartphone and therefore de-coded the message! We want you to join us in blogging, we would like you to share your St Moritz experiences with us and in so doing you could win a mouth-watering selection of chocolates from the Shoggishop.

We are open to all sorts of blogs, the only theme we ask you to stick to is that it somehow relates to St Moritz, anything from places you would recommend, to things to do, things to avoid, things to eat, try out, drink. Tell us about climbs, walks, views you have enjoyed.

If you wish to remain anonymous or take a ‘nom de plume’ that’s fine – no email addresses will be published, but we will need them so we can advise the winners! Also think pictures, any great photos you have taken and which illustrate your blog will add impact.

So there you have it, all submissions, questions, suggestions and so on go to the email you will see in the decoded QR code! Good luck and look forward to hearing from you!!


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