Keeping beat with Swiss Folk music

Think Switzerland and you think delicious chocolate, fabulous mountains, time pieces and punctuality. Yet when you step into the shuttle at Zurich airport, you are reminded; chimes, bells and folk music. The first time I got into the shuttle and heard the gentle sound of cows lowing I was rather startled, then followed the sound of bells and chimes and suddenly I was high up in the grassy pastures with Heidi! I had not realised quite how emotive Swiss ‘sounds’ are!

As a consequence I am particularly excited about tonight as the Hauser is hosting the first of a stretch of Fridays – all the way through to September in fact – showcasing 19th century Swiss folk music revived. Apparently until quite recently much of this music had been unheard for years – now thanks to Norient, the network for local and global sounds and media culture, these old tunes have been retrieved, dusted down and given a new lease of life.

Of course the best way to enjoy the sounds of Switzerland revived is to grill some exotic meats on a hot stone at your table. Now well known, the Hot Stone buffet is a draw card in its own right, with 12 different meats to choose from and a range of homemade sauces, this must be one of the most pleasant ways to spend a Friday evening that I know of!


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