Volcanic Jazz and Ice Cream

Suddenly it is full on Jazz-time again. One of my favourite time of the year up here!

The festival officially starts tonight, kicking off with Mezzoforte an Icelandic group. Their latest album is called ‘Volcanic‘ I guess in ‘celebration’ – if that is the right word – of Iceland’s one major claim to fame – Eyjafjallajökull bringing international air travel to its knees!

Before heading off to the Dracula Club however I plan to sample a few of the Hauser’s home made ice creams – the Roo Bar has been turned into Summer lounge with lots of huge colourful cushions scattered on the wooden deck. Perfect place to – well – lounge and watch the beautiful people coming in for drinks, a Bernina beer here and a passion fruit ice cream there. If you are lucky you get to catch the occasional jazz band member wandering by or lounging too – it is that kind of place after all.

So we have a whole Season of Jazz lined up ahead of us now – check out the programme when you get a chance and do remember there is chocolate on offer for anyone who wants to submit a blog for us to post – anything relating to your experience of St Moritz is up for grabs and the chocolate well worth the effort!!!


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