Flowing and Jazzing

I discovered and talked about the ‘flow trail’ just a few months ago I know. But it warrants another mention, having just spent a wonderful day ‘flowing’ across the mountains suspended above St Moritz.

It is all about the way the trails ‘traverse’ across the mountains so you literally get this sense of flowing, effortlessly through spectacular scenery. There is no ungainly puffing or pushing required, you simply slide over the mountains taking in the views and stopping occasionally to pick some wild mountain flowers. I still get a sense of awe when I pick an edelweiss – it is all Sound of Music and Heidi up here!

Talking of which – the Sound of Music that is – they have officially opened the Summer Jazz Festival– with a big party and lots of local celebrities – spot Markus Hauser in picture 2 in the blue trousers in the recent Der Sonntag below! Don’t forget too that Hauser’s are holding Sunday morning Jazz Brunches too with an impressive line up such as: Vintage Big Band this coming Sunday 22 July, Othella Dallas on the 29th, Swing Dance Orchestra Berlin on 5 August and Pat’s Big Band the following Sunday – they all kick off at 10am!


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