Othella Dallas with Birchermuesli

What better way to enjoy your breakfast than listening to fabulous jazz. Live. Frankly there is nothing more energising on a Sunday morning.

Hauser’s terrace has hosted the Sunday Jazz Brunches for years now and I have spent many an enjoyable Sunday morning picking from their delicious selection of foods and listening to soul-inspiring musicians. This Sunday it is Othella Dallas who will be singing to us whilst spooning up our birchermuesli.

The fact is that up until then jazz seemed connected with night time, you know sitting around swilling bourbon in the dark velvet night, letting the music wash over you. Yet jazz works fantastically well on bright sunny mornings too, sipping coffee and eating a gipfeli. Same music, quite a different effect, instead of relaxing and de-stressing, it fires you up and gives you a feel good sensation that lasts all day, I have seen it get people dancing in the streets – what is cool and sophisticated by night becomes vibrant and alluring by day!

Come and check out a Hauser Sunday Jazz Brunch and then go get your nightly fix of Jazz over at the Dracula Club when night falls – go on, compare the two!


One thought on “Othella Dallas with Birchermuesli

  1. This is the best hotel in the whole of st moritz because of its lovely pastry restaurant and home made chocolate.
    The rooms are beautiful and for me it’s a 5 star hotel

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