Wind in your sails and music in your heart


The long Summer days here mean I have managed to pack in rambling, picnics in the pine forests, some golf and the flow trail, now it is time to go down to the lake and check out the spectacular wind surfing and kite surfing.

Silvaplana used to play host only to sail boats a few years ago, but the windsurfers soon got a taste for the crystal clear waters and have all but taken over. Certainly August is their month and it is well worth going down to check out the activity or even join in. Add kite surfing to the mix and you really do have a colourful, energetic display to enjoy.

For a more traditional atmosphere you need to go up to the Hauser’s. Right now they are gearing up for another night of Swiss music – this time with SULP 

who do sound like they have walked in straight from the mountains – their rehearsals have taken me back to another time and place – there I am again with Heidi and her goats – lively, light-hearted and delightfully Swiss – worth checking out the real thing tonight!



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